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Weather Report from Portinscale, near Keswick, Cumbria

"LIVE" WEATHER from our Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station. (5 minute update)

Weather summary for the week Monday 12th to Sunday 18th March 2018

The temperature was on a slow but steady rise last week and this trend continued for the first 3 days of this week, peaking at 11.90C on Wednesday. But it went into a rather more rapid decline for the rest of the week, with Sunday's daytime maximum of just 3.40C, following on from the week's low point of -2.20C just after midnight on Sunday. Mean temperature for the week was 4.70C, mean minima and maxima of 1.70C and 7.80C. The wind at the beginning of the week was very light and variable in direction but in the second half saw it became much gustier and from a significantly cooler easterly point. But at least the rain kept away most of the week, only Thursday with any significant precipitation at 4.6 mm of a week's total of 5.4 mm. Light, dusty snow fell on Saturday and Sunday, and much of that in the valley, a mere 1 to 2 cm, had thawed before the days were over! Nothing special to report on the sunshine front with just 25.4 kWh of electricity generation by the solar PVs. (Links to forecasting sites at bottom of the page)

For a graphical display of data during the last 24 hours from our Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station click here .

Temperature and wind-chill for the last 7 days

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28.9 kWh

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Weather Forecast from the Lake District National Park Weatherline available online. The Fell Conditions report has now stopped until Winter.

Mountain Weather Information Service with 3 day forecasts for Lake District. Those for Scotland, Snowdonia and The Peak District are also available from the Home page

Metcheck short and long term forecasts for Keswick and Portinscale

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Tuesday 20th March 2018