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Weather Report from Portinscale, near Keswick, Cumbria

"LIVE" WEATHER from our Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station. (5 minute update)

Weather summary for the week Monday 9th to Sunday 15th July 2018

Barometric pressure was on a steady downward trend this week, usually a harbinger of more variable conditions, and so it has transpired. Yes, the weather has remained warm with a mean maximum of 240C and a mean minimum+maximum of 18.70C, but broken cloud has meant the baking heat from direct sunshine of late has been somewhat curtailed - for the better! A few days last week were actually near perfect for hill walking for a change. We did also have a few slightly cooler nights making sleep a little easier. The wind has been mainly very light but quite refreshing, visibility very good if slightly hazy at time though humidity has been rather higher than is ideal, only one daytime value dipping below 40%. With rather more cloud around, the solar PVs have been somewhat hampered in electricity generation, the week's total of 75.8 kWh significantly down on recent outputs. And rainfall? Once again not a drop recorded though we did see a few drops on the windscreen as we drove down Grasmere way on Tuesday and rather more on Friday but nor sufficient to trouble the rain gauge. We are however promised more for the early part of next week. Spoiler alert: 1.2 mm by midday on Monday 16th! (Links to forecasting sites at bottom of the page)

For a graphical display of data during the last 24 hours from our Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station click here .

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Metcheck short and long term forecasts for Keswick and Portinscale

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Monday 16th July 2018