Weather Record for June 2001

What a contrast with May! The month started off with a bang though, with a couple of cloudy, windy and wet days, then some drier and brighter days with some sunshine if rather cool for the time of year, but by the 7th we'd already had more rain than in the whole of May! And then we had the days we'd been waiting for for over 3 months - the fells opening: and what did it do but rain! At least it was over by midmorning and it did clear up a bit by the evening. There followed a week or so of alternating fine and cloudy days, but at least the temperature was tending to rise, and even when we did have some rain the clouds had often cleared by evening.

The last week or so was more typically summer weather - generally fine and sunny with light winds but humid with rather warm nights. The daily maximum temperature was often later in the day. The 25th was the warmest day at 260C and the 28th was probably one of the best days of the month: fine and sunny with broken cloud and excellent visibility (great for photography!) and although not especially warm (maximum 200C) it was great walking weather. But the month has finished off more or less as it started - generally overcast with spells of rain and fairly windy.

Overall rainfall for June a disappointing 68.6 mm (2.7"), but 16 days with no recorded rain and another 5 when the rain came either overnight or in the evening. Monthly mean maximum temperature a disappointing 160C, and not that much sunshine.

We can only hope that the fine summer we've been promised returns in July

Design and Barry Colam