Weather Record for May 2001

The month started with cool nights and gradually warming days - typical of late spring. Although there was some cloud, it was generally broken with fine sunny spells but the wind was still cool. By the second week however, the temperature started to rocket, reaching a maximum of 310C on the 12th, but with humidity reaching a low of 24% it felt very comfortable. We then had a few rather poor days around the middle of the month, with overcast skies and rain, heaviest and most prolonged on the 17th and 18th, giving us more than half the monthly total in around 14 hours, mainly overnight. Then summer arrived! Warm, sunny days with mainly light winds, but more humid than earlier in the month and becoming rather hazy. More overcast and with occasional light rain to end the month, but still with sunny spells, the cloud generally clearing in the late afternoon and evening and with very good visibility, but with winds touching gale force overnight on the 28th/29th. Overall a very dry month (24.7 mm, less than 1" in total), 22 days with no recorded rain, a mean maximum temperature of 200C - and lots of sunshine!

Design and Barry Colam