Weather Record for April 2020

Minima, maxima and means for April 2020

Daily temperature (0C)

Daily wind strength (mph)

Daily rainfall (mm)

Daily sunshine hours for April 2020

Monthly total of Solar PV generation in April 2020 = 331 kWh and Solar PV export = 232 kWh.

Both of these figures are records for April. To put this into perspective, the average generation in April over the 11 years we've had solar panels is 257 kWh and the average export is 155 kWh, 78% and 67% of the this month's figures. Furthermore, only 3 months at any time in the last 11 years have exceeded that for April 2020: July 2013 with 359 kWh, May 2017 with 345 kWh and May 2018 with 359 kWh. Add to that the lowest monthly rainfall that I can remember over more than 20 years (13.7 mm), it's been a rather pleasant month.(/p>

Daily solar radiation for April 2020

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